Why the heck would I tweet?


Does Twitter really have a place in business? Are you really going to suggest it as part of a marketing strategy?

Short answer: Yes.

Here is the deal, just a few short years ago (or yesterday) we were all debating the legitimacy of any social media and yet … we are all using it. So, yes, that weird 140-character maximum medium does have a purpose, and below are 5 reasons why:

Brand presentation: Having your brand exist in the Twittersphere is just another opportunity for potential customers, influencers or media to find you. Just like Facebook, there is a profile header that you can customize with current offers, mission statements or imagery.

SEO: We have all heard the rather nerdy (sorry) search engine companies preach on content strategies that support search engine optimization. Having a Twitter profile with location, bio, web address and contact info will drive people to your website. It is also another opportunity to tell your brand story.

Market research: What better way to keep tabs on your competition than by spying? Market research is valuable to any company that doesn’t have their head buried in the sand. Find out what your competitors are talking about, who they are following, and what company news they are sharing. This is all valuable information.

Media: Twitter is an incredibly valuable tool to reach out to media. Set up searches, lists of industry specific reporters and interact with them. By building relationships with local, statewide or national media you are getting on their radar. You have the opportunity to position yourself as an expert in your industry and as a resource for future stories. If that isn’t reason enough to engage on Twitter, then you are a lost cause. Did I mention I landed a client in Forbes through Twitter?

Listen: Follow your customers, business partners, suppliers, contractors, vendors, trade or professional organizations, neighborhood businesses, community leaders … need I go on?

GIFs: Don’t worry, I can count — this is a bonus reason. I really do think every brand should embrace a bit of humor in the delivery of their message. Did I also mention they have the ability to go viral, they’re shareable and they are much more relatable to younger audiences.

Regardless of what you think of Twitter, there is a definite use for it in your marketing and business strategy. A word of warning: Like all social media, Twitter can be incredibly time consuming and if you are not willing to invest the time, then stay away.

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