Will Twitter’s IPO make it mainstream?


Twitter is about to fly into the world of publicly held companies.

There has been much speculation about where the share value of Twitter will land, as it flies the coop from private entity into public company.

The more relevant question for your business, though, may be what value will Twitter have to your company’s aims in the years to come?


Many still think of Twitter as less than a primary business tool.

If you regard Twitter as the place where Miley Cyrus shares pictures or a slow period time filler for your marketing intern, you’re still missing the potential.

Twitter, now seven years into is existence, reportedly makes approximately 85 percent of its revenue from advertising inserted right into streams of tweets.

Of that ad revenue, 70 percent is rumored to come from mobile ad revenue.

The reach of Twitter is formidable, by some estimates more than 500 million strong.


We live in an era where the answer to the question, “How can I best reach our customer?” is shifting year after year.

The now-public-company Twitter will be an increasingly large part of that equation.

If a given business is slow to recognize that Twitter is about more than pop culture connections, their competitors might not be.

A significant, growing and content-eager consumer base awaits.

Savvy businesses will view this as one more opportunity for taking wrecking balls to the old way of connecting — and constructing fresh new forms of consumer engagement in the decade ahead.

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