X-Rite launches next light booth for color evaluation


The Judge QC light booth helps companies evaluate how the color of their products should look in "almost any light environment." Courtesy X-Rite

A color-management company is rolling out its next light booth to help companies, including commercial printers, simulate and evaluate colors under a range of lighting conditions.

Grand Rapids-based X-Rite, and its subsidiary Pantone, said this week that it has launched the Judge QC light booth, which it said can “duplicate almost any light environment.”

The Judge QC features five light sources, including a dual-daylight option that allows users to switch between D50 lighting for print and D65 for industrial applications.

X-Rite said the light booth is designed to help color quality-control professionals in the paint, plastics, textiles, commercial printing and packaging industries “more accurately evaluate” materials, samples and final products for color consistency and physical defects.

The Judge QC can help users determine how a color should look in a fluorescent-lit store, home, outdoors and elsewhere.

Chris Winczewski, VP of product marketing at X-Rite, said precise control of lighting conditions “is critical to the effective visual evaluation of color.”

Winczewski added "getting a color wrong" can result in "rejected final products, increased costs and rework, longer time to market and dissatisfied customers."

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