X-Rite opens Customer Experience Center


X-Rite showcases its color management and measurement portfolio at its Customer Experience Center at its headquarters in Grand Rapids. Courtesy X-Rite

A company dedicated to color has a new experience to offer customers at its local headquarters.

In line with its dealer event this week, X-Rite in Grand Rapids said that it has opened a Customer Experience Center, at 4300 44th St. SE.

The center’s purpose is to showcase X-Rite’s color management and measurement products and provide customers an opportunity to see how its technologies work.

Visitors to the center can also learn about its Pantone brand services, training and certification program.

Ron Voigt, president of X-Rite Pantone, said the center will allow the company to show customers “the significant contribution” its products make globally to “the quality of consumer goods, increasing their value and appeal.”

Experiencing portfolio

The Customer Experience Center will feature a range of offerings: color-measurement instruments; colorimeters and spectrocolorimeters for calibration of monitors and displays; lighting offerings for color measurement and viewing environments; the Farnsworth-Munsell Hue Test, a color vision test; physical color reference guides; and various software programs, each targeted at specific industries; and more.

“Most brand owners and their supply chain partners understand the importance of accurate color in representing a brand image,” Voigt said. “This is especially true when it comes to consumer products.”


Voigt added that the company’s products help brand owners and their suppliers ensure that "color is within tolerance" for a variety of applications: paint, plastics, photo, textiles, print, packaging, cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and more.

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