Yoga studio opens doors


Yoga Fever is located in Grand Rapids’ Uptown neighborhood and “combines old-school traditions with contemporary hot vinyasa classes.” Photo via

January is a big month for fitness and a new yoga studio in town.

Yoga Fever is scheduled to open today and offer $5 classes for the first two weeks, until it opens full-time in February.

Yoga Fever is in the Grand Rapids’ Uptown neighborhood, at 1154 Wealthy St. SE, near the intersection with Fuller Avenue SE.

More than exercise

The studio will be run by Shannon Austin, who didn’t fall in love with yoga until she moved to Grand Rapids from Grosse Pointe in 2009. She had been practicing on and half since 2004, but once she moved to the west side of the state, her daily practicing helped her realize yoga is more than just physical exercise.

“It’s an integral part of a fitness routine to help lengthen and strengthen muscles with cardio,” Austin said. “But practicing three to five times a week, it begins to change things, and you naturally gravitate toward a healthy lifestyle.”

Austin said shutting off from the world helps the emotional state of yoga practitioners.

“When you’re on the mat, you take that hour to be free of thought and society and all those things we’re conditioned to be a part of,” Austin said. “Strip all of that away, and we can now connect with things a bit bigger than ourselves.”

Her realization yoga is more than just a physical practice came when she was at “rock bottom.”

Eventually, she took a yoga-teacher course and began teaching in 2011. In July 2015, she decided it was time to pursue her own yoga studio and found the commercial space that would become Yoga Fever.

Yoga Fever

Yoga Fever is a hot yoga studio that is temperature controlled to keep it between 95 and 99 degrees, with a humidity between 40 and 45 percent. The heat is meant to help sweat out toxins, increase cardio benefits and expand muscles.

The style of yoga is vinyasa, which links breathing with movement, and Austin and her nine instructors will practice both static and dynamic poses.

At least 30 classes will be offered each week, once the studio is fully operational next month.

“We’re using our own format, and all of our teachers are teaching in a similar style, but there will be a different class every time,” Austin said.  

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