You always fear what you don’t understand


As a leader, communicating your mission and vision can be one of the greatest ways to add value to your tribe.

A few tips I've learned along the way:

1. Keep it simple: My most noble and pure visions have been incredibly simple.

2. Keep it short: We live in a time where your tribe is inundated with data all day, every day. Be refreshing by being "less."

3. Chunk it down: Sometimes a large vision can be intimidating. Meet your tribe where they're at and journey with them step by step.

4. Repetition: This forces you to be consistent with your message, and it keeps you off a soapbox. Get into the trenches and remind your tribe why they're doing what they're doing. Help link a daily activity to the big vision.

And finally, my golden rule for communicating as a leader: do not be confusing. No confused customer has ever bought your product or service — what makes you think your own tribe will?

Inward. Onward. Upward!

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