Zondervan bestseller calls for men to ‘man up’


Zondervan is the publisher of the bestselling book “FIGHT: Winning the Battles that Matter Most” by Craig Groeschel. Photo via amazon.com

A Zondervan-published book that calls for men to “man up” will debut at No. 7 on a New York Times bestseller list on Sunday.

The book “FIGHT: Winning the Battles that Matter Most” by Craig Groeschel will appear on the Times’ list of advice, how to and miscellaneous books.

The book also debuted at No. 58 on the USA Today bestseller list on Oct. 31.

Groeschel is LifeChurch.tv's founding and senior pastor.

LifeChurch.tv has17 locations in five states and an attendance of 50,000 in person and tens of thousands online.

Zondervan said Groeschel “spurs men to ‘man up’ and fight for the things that matter most” in the book, “countering an alarming nationwide trend of male passivity" to explain "how all men are created to be warriors — equipped with the strength to fight for their marriages, their children and the state of their own hearts.”

Groeschel’s book encourages men to develop their inner warrior through the help of God to fight today’s battles, which revolve around family.

"Men who are strong, men who are world changers, men who are truly warriors, are men who can honestly admit their limitations," Groeschel writes. "I want to redefine the way you think about what it means to be a warrior. Being a true warrior is about knowing the source of true strength. It's about knowing your own weaknesses and turning to God to empower you to be the man he made you to be."

Groeschel is the author of several other books, including "Altar Ego," "Weird," "The Christian Atheist" and "Soul Detox." 

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