Earmarks coming back


I read with interest the op-ed by Steve Carey in the May 26 Business Journal (Guest Column: “Restore Congressional control over direct spending”) bemoaning the loss of federal earmarks, blaming the Tea Party for their demise. The last year for earmarks was 2011 when they did over 12,000 of them to the tune of $16 billion. Mr. Carey says yes, there was abuse but there was some good done also.

Is that true? Well … yes. In much the same way the Clinton Foundation does “some” good (90 percent of their $2 billion spent has gone to salaries and “expenses,” the other 10 percent supposedly for “good works”).

By the way, did you know Bill Clinton was paid $700,000 for a speech in Nigeria? Columnist Mark Steyn says Clinton should be applauded as the first guy to pull a scam on the Nigerians.

But back to earmarks. Have you ever wondered how guys like Denny Hastert and Harry Reed, who both entered Congress the same year and both come from modest means, leave Congress after years of “public service” being multimillionaires? Shady land deals that had the skids greased by earmarks play a big part.

Is it all legal? Yup, and that is the worst part. You see, the really good criminals don’t break the law … they write it.

So, who is Steve Carey and why does he like earmarks so much and the Tea Party not so much?

Steve Carey is a Washington lobbyist at the firm Potomac Strategic Development, and one of his associates there is Karen Johnson, who, last time I checked, is married to Carl Rove. Carl is the face of the Washington Establishment Republicans.

You see, the only group that hates the Tea Party more than the Democrats is the Establishment Republicans. They were big fans when they were on the outside of power needing some help to get back in. But now that they control the purse strings, they don’t have much use for the austerity of the Tea Party.

And they want those earmarks back. It pays to be a “public servant.”

Jon Daly

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