Letter: Boating is big business



From the Great Lakes to our more than 11,000 inland waterways, boating has long been a cherished pastime for many families across Michigan.

Yet, while many are familiar with the personal benefits you experience during a day on the water, the important economic contributions of boating are lesser known.

According to recent research, the recreational boating industry generated a combined $7.4 billion in economic activity last year — and that's just here in the Wolverine State. Nationally, in 2018, the industry contributed an estimated $170.3 billion to the U.S. economy, supporting 691,000 jobs and 35,000 businesses. With all of this activity, boating has become an integral pillar of the American economy.

As a marine manufacturer employing more than 600 workers, our company relies on a positive business atmosphere to remain globally competitive. Through recent legislation, like the federal tax overhaul and the Modern Fish Act, lawmakers — including Sen. Gary Peters — have worked to enact policies that allow our company to succeed and continue contributing to the Michigan economy.

Going into 2019, I remain hopeful that both federal and state policymakers will continue to foster a competitive economy that allows our company to continue producing high-quality, affordable products that allow families to enjoy the beauty of our waterways.

Thomas Slikkers
President and CEO
Tiara Yachts and Tiara Sport

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