Letter: City headed in right direction



I was the chief of police in Grand Rapids for 16 years — 1981 to 1998. I truly enjoyed your publication during my time in this beautiful community.

At times, it was a difficult period — the increasing number of shootings, crack cocaine, the growth of violent gangs, etc. But we were convinced that we would grow and do so in a very healthy way. Our mission was to work with city administrators and civic leaders, such as Rich DeVos, Jay Van Andel, Fred Meijer, Peter Secchia, Marty Allen, etc., and other wonderful people to achieve our goal.

And it worked!

Our city today is beautiful, financially healthy, economically growing and I feel personally thankful and proud of being a small part of that initial combined effort.

It caused Grand Rapids to become the best city in our state and for that, again, I am very thankful! And thank you to the Grand Rapids Business Journal, as well.

William Hegarty
Grand Rapids

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