Letter: Community needs ‘doers’



I found your opinion piece from Dec. 21 on the engaging of more doers refreshing (“Assure a seat at the table for the community ‘doers,’ not just the donors”).

Some might call it “bold,” but I would call it a reality-check piece. As someone who enjoys being active in the community, I am of the opinion that there are two types of board members nonprofit organizations generally have on their roster/letterhead: the “show horses” and the “work horses.”

To some extent, both are needed, but as someone who considers himself more of a work horse, I feel this role fits me best. I may not make it to all the meetings of a board I sit on, for example, or raise a significant amount of money for the organization, but I will do my best to work toward its mission and goals in between those meetings through volunteer and pro bono efforts.

I guess because I see myself as a doer, I can appreciate and understand your point.

In my opinion, those who may have a problem with your take on this may not have understood your point fully: We need both funding/resources and people who will be doing whatever is necessary to accomplish the goals of the funded project.

There are plenty of great ideas that come out of strategic planning sessions and “brainstorming” meetings, and in communities like West Michigan the funding can usually be found to support these ideas. I agree with you that until more doers are invited and engaged, however, these great ideas and funded efforts may not fully materialize or succeed.

Nice take on something so important. Thanks for making this bold statement.

Raul Alvarez Jr.
Chief Communicator, Storyteller and Synergist
GTSD Group

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