Letter: Health Pointe is ready to serve Grand Haven



The Grand Haven community has been the focal point of considerable discussion, deliberation and debate regarding the Health Pointe integrated health care center. With the final approval of the project now complete, all of us connected with Health Pointe are very grateful to area residents and to township officials for the considerable time and energy that went into the project review process.

This formal approval represents an important step forward for patients, clinicians, families and businesses in and around Grand Haven. When Health Pointe opens its doors in 2017, it will offer patients new top-quality, affordable options for primary and urgent care, specialty physician services, labs, imaging and much more. For too long, area residents have had to travel too far to get the kind of care options they want, need and deserve.

In addition to offering outstanding new choices for care, Health Pointe also represents the arrival of something even more significant to the lakeshore — a truly integrated service approach. In this way, Health Pointe is part of a national movement dedicated to making care significantly easier to navigate for patients and families.

Care integration makes it easier to get all the services you need in one location — no more bouncing from one office to the next, your records often under your arm, repeating what you just told the two prior receptionists. By putting primary care, specialty care and related diagnostics, and procedures in one place, we can do a better job of keeping people healthier at a lower cost. That is what Health Pointe is all about — improving the quality of life for patients and families while reducing stress, lowering costs and saving time and energy.

Our physicians affiliated with Health Pointe are already here, taking care of more than 20,000 area residents every year. This knowledge, combined with compassionate care teams and the most powerful technology, will help Health Pointe hit the ground running. It will be able to offer the community a new high-value, high-touch care option from day one. This opportunity is in large part due to the respective strengths of Health Pointe’s partners, Holland Hospital and Spectrum Health, both of which are consistently recognized for excellence in all facets of care.

Since we also live, work and play here, we also know how important it is for Health Pointe to truly be a Grand Haven facility — not simply a generic satellite or branch office. This project was built from the ground up to be a statement to the community, a $50 million long-term investment in the region’s overall well-being. Leadership, clinicians and many other staff already make their homes here; they know the culture and qualities that make Grand Haven a very special place for them and their patients.

Joshua Troast

Director of Operations

Health Pointe

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