Letter: Moral compass drives economics


I couldn’t disagree more with Dan Clark in the letter to the editor in the Dec. 28 issue (“Religion and economics don’t mix”).

Is it possible Dan misinterpreted “religion” with morality? A high moral compass drives economics in every way. In fact, any hint of ethic misbehavior and everybody cries foul, penalties, retribution, jail time, justice, justice, justice, or more!

Shady dealings in business doesn’t fly anywhere in the world. Yet, there’s moral failure everywhere, and the result of it is because there’s always someone that thinks they can get away with violating high moral ethics. And where is correct moral instruction usually being done? In some religious gathering somewhere.

One of the reasons this country has prospered over every country in the world is lying, cheating and stealing in all its forms is stomped on pretty heavily. The prison system is full of individuals that typically had minimal religious background with no instruction to counter the broken ethics we’re born into. And even then, the mighty have fallen because of moral failure.

Look at the economics of any country in the world with a dictatorship (because the people are morally stunted) and tell me it doesn’t affect economics. Any country, business, church, home or personal relationship will not prosper long if the morality of that entity degrades. We’ve taken the Ten Commandments out of the schools and we wonder why we end up with Bernie Madoffs.

The distribution, consumption of goods and services, and the financial transactions that go with it come to a grinding halt if lying, cheating and stealing are the order of the day.

Dan might not respect religion, but he will respect an honest transaction and disrespect a crooked one. The Judeo-Christian “religion” has everything to do with economics and whether the economy of an entity succeeds or fails. We as a society fail because moral ethics aren’t promoted as they were when our country was first established and when most everybody went to church.

Steve Langeler
Vice President
Michwave Technologies Inc.

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