Allow independent pharmacists to charge lowest prices



Much of my professional life has been dedicated to advocating for the most vulnerable members of society, especially those with disabilities. One thing that I try to remind the non-disabled community is that our efforts are also beneficial to them. By making medical care more accessible to the disabled community, we are, in effect, making it more accessible to all people.

Take for example, HB 4348. I advocate for this legislation as it will support independent pharmacists in providing affordable medications to a wide range of people in our state, from those in rural locations to those in urban places. If passed, the bill will regulate pharmacy benefit managers (PBMs) and limit tactics that raise prices on pharmacists and their patients, driving independent pharmacies out of business and making patients pay more for medications. I personally know many vulnerable consumers that have faced problems with the high cost of prescription drugs.

Michiganders and Americans want to continue to receive their medicines from their trusted independent pharmacies at a reasonable cost. Pharmacy services administrative organizations (PSAOs) help pharmacists provide this care to their patients, but PBMs are lobbying our legislature to include PSAOs in HB 4348. Including PSAOs in this legislation would essentially nullify any benefits given to the state’s independent pharmacists, continuing the dynamics at play that include a lack of transparency for patients.

We must pass this legislation without including PSAOs in order to guarantee all patients, both disabled and non-disabled, are getting the lowest price and best experience. 

Frank Lynn

Grand Rapids Township

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