An open letter to employers



As business leaders, we believe that being part of this community is a privilege that carries significant responsibility.

This responsibility must include confronting racial injustice and inequity. It demands we act as champions for diversity and inclusion.

The tragic events of the past year have served as unsettling reminders of this imperative. The moral case for diversity and inclusion has never been more urgent. At the same time, the business case is indisputable: West Michigan will never become a top region for talent, nor enjoy its full potential for prosperity, until our strategies are inclusive of all people.

The benefits of diversity are multiple, including company performance. One study shows public companies with more diverse governing boards outperform their competitors. Yet despite notable efforts, our region still has unacceptable ethnic and racial disparities in educational opportunities, hiring, promotion and recruiting. At the same time, employers struggle to find the talent supply they need to thrive in business. 

This disconnect holds our entire region back. It is well-documented and familiar to the CEO members of Talent 2025. It is the reason we prioritize workforce diversity and inclusion in our quest to make West Michigan a top-20 region for talent.

Today we are calling on all business leaders of West Michigan to join in this cause by uniting as champions for diversity and inclusion. This moment calls for us to back up our words with action.

Talent 2025 has assembled a host of resources to help all employers make real, measurable progress toward this goal. These were developed by businesses, for businesses. Many other organizations offer great resources, as well. This work establishes a baseline and allows us to track our collective progress over time.

These efforts are focused on the role of organizations in building greater equity and inclusion. It requires everyone to affect the personal and systemic community transformation.

Business leaders are in a unique position to leverage solutions that move our region forward. We owe it to our customers, our shareholders, our employees and our community to step up to this challenge. 

Join us. Visit to get started.


The CEOs of Talent 2025

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