Letter: Bank portrayal lopsided



The Huntington Bank article with CEO Steve Steinour (“Huntington CEO surveys ‘enormous change’ of past year,” May 16) was a bit lopsided.

It is very reminiscent of when Fifth Third Bank took over Old Kent Bank, and those of us involved with that in any way recall what a debacle and fiasco it was and in some ways still is. Many good businesses were chased out of the bank and lives were changed and lost over their means and methodologies.

As a longtime customer of Old Kent, then over to Byron Bank, Chemical Bank, followed by TCF Bank and finally Huntington Bank as a commercial customer and manufacturer, I can say the new way with Huntington is anything but amicable and friendly.

Having had a significant credit over many years, I am finding post-takeover of TCF an unfriendly and systems-type of consensus and group-think demeanor, all vectoring out of Columbus.

It sounds like Mr. Steinour makes his rounds (except during the pandemic) and waves his finance wand around West Michigan casting joy and good tidings. It is a farce. Like with Fifth Third Bank, customers like myself are being chased out, as they do not like our market or our risk level, with no explanation, and worse yet, no apology.

It makes for bad business, but Mr. Steinour is bullish on West Michigan, so that is OK. Even though they claim to pander to minorities and veterans, I can say as a veteran who served in Desert Storm, I have never once been accorded an acknowledgment or credit for anything by Huntington Bank.

Mike Fassbender, Grand Rapids

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