Letter: City needs to scrutinize cannabis zoning procedures



Is there any chance for the city of Grand Rapids to move sideways or backwards on cannabis zoning? Is there a voice for the side not in favor of all this cannabis?

I saw a recent story where good Samaritans like Ms. (Tami) VandenBerg of Meanwhile Bar fame and counselor Ben Wrigley were trying to convert a building on South Division Avenue to a dope business, in an effort to save the pain and suffering of the poor, the sick, the lame and indigent, while lining their pockets … bit of a hypocrisy, but fortunately they were denied by the city.

As another example, we had the dope man recently trying to put a dispensary in our industrial park located at Ken-O-Sha Industrial Park Drive SE, Grand Rapids, near our businesses of skilled trades and commercial trucking, and just as importantly near a church, park and school!

The dope man wove a tale of profit and success and tax revenue for all, a real Robin Hood of sorts, but alas, their efforts and supposed thousands of dollars spent were lost in a puff of smoke, as wisdom and common sense — and a narrow city commission vote — prevailed.

Marijuana is a gateway drug to hard drug use, crime, destitution … (only) making the dope peddlers money.

I think next time the dope man should find a nice spot in East Grand Rapids to set up shop, versus South Division or Hall Street or in an industrial park, and see how that goes over with the locals.

It is embarrassing and a sham to provide these people sorrow and media coverage to “fast-track” licensing, a “Cannabis Justice Work Group” for “Social Equity” … all for dope and taxes, over what most all us know to be a scam and lie.

Dope has no place in a moral world. If we read about the rise and fall of Rome, we will note uncanny comparisons to modern day America and its moral decline — how very sad.

Mike Fassbender

Grand Rapids

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