Letter: State’s auto no-fault insurance rules penalize accident victims



As a Michigan citizen, voter and avid observer of politics, I am in favor of passing an upcoming auto insurance no-fault bill to rectify the current legislation that is discriminating against victims of auto accidents, and the industry that has supported them for over 50 years.

This necessary and overdue bill delivers much needed relief to victims and survivors of auto accidents. Auto no-fault legislation (signed in 2019) currently does not provide an appropriate level of reimbursement from insurance providers.

The current level of reimbursement is unsustainable. It threatens to put businesses and services that give essential and life-saving support to these Michiganders out of business. That is an outcome that Michigan will suffer for, both socially and economically.

In fact, insurance providers often have not been paying for services that are mandated for victims of auto accidents. This is unlawful, and reprehensible.

Please pass the new auto no-fault bill that gives victims, businesses and thousands of employees the ability to survive.

I, myself, am a victim of an auto accident. I live with the uncertainty that I won’t have appropriate care, caregivers and services that I count on for quality of life.

My home care agency that employs the caregivers that I rely on every day is under financial duress, and going out of business is only a matter of time.

The elimination of essential auto no-fault services would be a disaster. Michigan taxpayers would then bear the burden of paying the costs that are the responsibility of the insurance providers. This is not how auto no-fault is intended to work. The law is being manipulated by insurance providers for the sake of profits.

The money given by Michigan citizens for auto no-fault is meant for the victims. It is not for insurance providers to dictate the terms of payment.

In this holiday season, we should aspire to goodwill and compassion toward all, especially those that need it the most.

Please pass the new auto no-fault bill. Nearly 20,000 victims and hundreds of thousands of industry workers are counting on you to pass this now.

Roderick Munro

Grand Rapids

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