Preserve the past while preparing for the future



Sam Cummings’s essay, “Together, Grand Rapids Can Be No. 1” (page 16, Aug. 24 Business Journal), is brilliant.

It’s so good you ought to run it on your cover every week for seven consecutive weeks, which is how many times a marketing professor of mine once told our class we humans need to be reminded of something before we remember it and act on it.

Cummings, a longtime GR business leader and community volunteer, is endorsing City Manager Mark Washington’s strategic plan based on values of service, equity, integrity and accountability. These same values brought our city to greatness many decades ago, as told in the YouTube documentary “The Gift of All.”

We citizens living here today must preserve the virtues and values of the past while preparing for our collective future. Thank you, Sam Cummings, and the GR Business Journal for making us aware of our legacy and our collective responsibility to strive together to be No. 1.

Pamela H. Daugavietis

Grand Rapids

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