State needs renewable energy



Thank you for this opportunity to comment on Michigan's energy future. As a nurse I know that people's lives depend on clean air.

As citizens of Michigan, we urge Gov. Snyder to consider the economic, environmental and public health benefits of including more renewables and increased energy efficiency in our state’s energy plan. 

Independent science and rigorous analysis show that supporting policies to boost Michigan's use of clean energy resources, such as renewable energy and energy efficiency, will help grow Michigan's economy by creating jobs, lowering costs, and improving public health and the environment.

Without policy action, Michigan's investment in clean energy will drop off significantly when the state's current renewable energy and energy efficiency requirements are fulfilled in 2015.

We urge Gov. Snyder to include an increase of both renewable energy and energy efficiency in our state's energy plan and to work to implement these clean energy policies starting in early 2014.

Let's invest in our future and the health of our families and communities by investing in clean energy.

Sue Mlynarczyk
Grand Rapids

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