A Happy Christmas To All

    With Christmas just around the corner, the next couple of days should be a shopping frenzy at local retail outlets.

    Mostly, it will be men looking for “that little something” for their wives. You know, lacy lingerie, gift certificates to the car wash, a blender.

    But in case any of West Michigan’s more public figures still aren’t crossed off your shopping list, here’s a little help from Street Talk.

    JohnLogie: A full-time personal assistant. We thought about a new vanity plate reading GRMAY to represent his part-time status, but opted instead for the full-time help.

    JudyBaxter: Her own copy machine. That way, all her work friends can stop calling the daily newspaper with “hot tips” regarding her misconduct.

    PeterSecchia: A pair of fuzzy dice. They’ll remind downtown development’s biggest cheerleader that the evil empire is only short drive down U.S. 131.

    JackBuchanan: A room with a view. Maybe it will be from his own Calder Plaza Hotel. Maybe it won’t. But after an eight-year chase, the guy deserves a little R&R.

    RickBreon: A signed copy of RobertFulghum’s “All I Really Need To Know I Learned in Kindergarten.” The Spectrum Health CEO doesn’t always play nice with his friends, but he sure knows how to get things done.

    Gov. JohnEngler: A Gameboy Advanced. After a dozen years of running the state, he’s going to have find something to fill his time. We suggest Tetris. It’s just like putting a budget together.

    Gov.-elect JenniferGranholm: A Rand-McNally road atlas. She’s got to figure out a way to get to West Michigan. The annual Grand Rapids Area Chamber of Commerce meeting on Feb. 6 is a good start.

    DickPosthumus: A mirror. Just breathe on it.

    SteveHeacock: Farmer In The Dell play set. It will keep the retiring chairman of the Kent County Board of Commissioners interested in agriculture and farmland.

    DougDeVos: A photo album. That way the new Alticor CEO can have his family tree at his fingertips.

    DickDeVos: A new pair of shades. Has anyone ever retired from so public a position in so private a fashion? Where is this guy?

    Rich DeVos and JayVanAndel: A Monopoly game. Didn’t there used to be a customized version available with Grand Rapids street names?

    JimHackett: A suit of armor. That guy on 44th Street SW who has the knight’s armor in his front yard should make friends with the Steelcase CEO. Hackett is going to need some thick skin until the latter half of 2003.

    BillBussey: A dozen Krispy Kremes. The Grubb & Ellis/Paramount Properties retail guru, and Georgia native, likes the doughnuts so much that he was instrumental in convincing the nationally acclaimed chain to open its first West Michigan store on the Beltline and 28th Street.

    SteveWilson: A weekend guest pass to the Maplewood Hotel in Saugatuck. That way the Grand Rapids/Kent County CVB chief can see what the tourism culture is really like on the Lakeshore.

    FeliciaFairchild: A weekend guest pass to the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel. That way the Saugatuck CVB chief can see what the tourism culture is really like in the big city.

    MikeFaas: A Dickens Village set. If the health care village idea doesn’t work out in Wyoming, the Metropolitan Hospital CEO will have his own village to set up at home.

    FredBauer: A blazing orange University of Tennessee Volunteers T-shirt. Hey, the Gentex CEO didn’t actually go there, but he still got some benefit out of it.

    HarveyGainey: Season tickets to the Civic Theater. After turning around the fiscal fortunes of the Broadway Theater Guild, maybe the Gainey Transportation CEO could work his magic with the Civic, too. Not that the Civic board needs the help, but every little bit counts.

    MattMcLogan: An hourglass. The GVSU communications czar must wait until the sands pass from one end of the glass to the other before firing off law school press releases.

    DanHurwitz: An electric razor. The Rogers Department Store president is so young, he might still be eligible the next time the Business Journal does a 40 Under 40 special section.

    DanDriesenga: A hope chest. The CEO of the civil engineering firm Driesenga & Associates is going to need it to store all the hardware he collected in 2002. Let’s see, U.S. Small Business Administration award winner, Holland chamber small business award winner, Ernst & Young entrepreneurial finalist, Business Journal 40 Under 40 recipient …

    KurtKimball: Jars of nuts, coffee mugs and McDonald’s gift certificates. Grand Rapids’ city manager is going to have to give the troops something, because he can’t give them raises.

    RustyMerchant: A pair of blue socks and a sectioned dinner plate. The Grand Rapids chamber’s lobbyist and political affairs chief is still taking jabs about his 20 Fresh Faces interview and picture in sister publication Grand Rapids Magazine.

    PeterHoekstra: A “Made In America” bumper sticker. The Holland Congressman now not only has to get federal prison administrators to stop competing against the office furniture industry, he has to get Canadian firms to stop, too.

    FredMeijer: A complete Noah’s Ark set. We thought about a bag of spiffy new golf clubs, but we’re betting the animals will be a more meaningful gift.     

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