A Medieval Look At The Ultramodern Advertising World

    GRAND RAPIDS – King Addy and Queen Adelina made their entrance, the trumpet sounded and the 2002 Addy Awards were underway.

    It may sound like a day at the Renaissance Festival, but it was actually the 2002 “Bizzare Bazaar” Addy Awards presentation. Throughout the night, actors entertained the audience as jesters, fair maidens, princes and paupers. “This year was different because we wanted the theme to run throughout the entire night, from the invitations, through the drinks and hors d’oeuvres to the ceremony, and right until people walked out the door,” said Richard Proffer, co-chair of the event.

    The top awards of Best of Show Print and Broadcast both were awarded to Jager Group, for the Herman Miller SQA 0% Poster and for Zonderkidz Simpler :60, respectively.

    The Best of Show for interactive work went to BlackBOX for a self-promotion.

    Judges’ Choice awards went to: Grey Matter Group/Judy Bean for Conceptual Merit for Primerus “Founding Fathers”; Mary Jo Cooper and Judy Bean for Design for “Judy Bean Stationery”; and Copper for Broadcast for the “Ice Fisher,” Making Out” and “Ski Instructor” commercials for Gordo Snowboards Store.

    The awards ceremony, held at the Cultural Center of St. Nicholas, brought together advertising execs and hopefuls, students, artists, models, copywriters and media reps, all shuffling business cards and networking.

    Either Addy Awards or Citations of Excellence went to 156 out of nearly 500 entries judged by a team of advertising and marketing professionals from other markets.

    Spokesmen for the program’s surprise winner – the 7-month-old rich media design firm BlackBOX – told the Business Journal the firm had set out to design the best Web site in the area for itself.

    “We were looking to get business on the merit of our site,” said Bill Fischer, co-founder of BlackBOX. “We felt that if we designed a site that could actually show clients what we could do for them, we would be rewarded with business – and now we have an Addy to add to that.”

    Bill McKendry, whose firm Hanon McKendry and its offspring Straightline Public Relations took home a combined 19 awards for the night, said he was honored to have been awarded so many Addys and Citations of Excellence. Hanon McKendry earned 16 awards and Straightline added three to the total.

    McKendry noted that the level and type of work was different this year, a reflection of a tighter economy.

    “You are seeing a lot of companies doing their own advertising instead of using an agency, and that can be good or bad depending on the situation you are in,” he said. “I think you are also seeing less conceptual jobs and more retail jobs.

    “The work this year looks ‘harder working’ – agencies and companies are doing a hard sell job and marketing those necessity items and marketing to client’s economic needs and availability. We are beginning to rebound, however, and I think that this year and next we will see a return to people and a return to what we have seen in advertising in the past.”

    Co-chair Proffer also felt the economy played a part in what types of media advertising the crowd saw during the evening. “This year there were more radio ads – one reason (being) because they are cheaper to produce; there were fewer TV ads, and then in the area of print, that was pretty solid, not too many changes,” he said.

    “But I also saw a higher creative level this year. I think that there were some very sharp people creating the work this year. The judges really did have a hard time deciding, because there was so much good work out there and that is a good sign.”

    Proffer said the Ad Club of West Michigan would now take a break and then re-group in August.

    “Everyone did a phenomenal job this year, from the creators, the chairs of the event, the actors and, of course, the people behind all of the great work we received from our 490 entries,” he said. “Right now we are going to take a well-deserved break and then come back together and create some more great ideas for 2003.”

    The judges, all from outside markets, were Tracey Turner, executive director if The Creative Group; Leo Zimmerman, creative marketing director of Inspired Creativity Inc.; Melanie Schmidt, vice president of Zillman Advertising, Marketing & Public Relations; John Eding, executive creative director of Leo Burnett USA; Blake Hardin, creative director for MarketSmart Advertising; and Tim Cawley, senior writer for Carmichael Lynch.

    2002 Addy Awards

    Best of Show

    Interactive: BlackBOX – BlackBOX, self-promotion

    Print: Jager Group – Herman Miller, SQA 0% Poster

    Broadcast: Jager Group – Zonderkidz, Simpler :60

    Judge’s Choice

    Conceptual Merit: Grey Matter Group/Judy Bean – Primerus, Founding Fathers

    Design: Mary Jo Cooper & Judy Bean – Judy Bean Stationery

    Broadcast: Copper – Gordo Snowboards Store, Ice Fisher, Making Out and Ski Instructor

    Sales Promotion

    Sales Kit/Product Information Sheets: Black Rose Studios – Booth Newspapers, 2002 Advertising Guide

    Point of Purchase Counter Top/Attached: Wolverine World Wide Inc. – Merrell Shoes, 2001 POP Kits

    Zondervan – Reference Infoshades

    Point of Purchase Trade Show Exhibit: Derse Exhibits – Siemens Dematic, Fall Postal Tradeshow Booth

    Collateral Material

    Brochure, Four Color: Commercial Printing Co. – Commercial Printing, Cowboy Calendar

    Commercial Printing Co. – Commercial Printing, Circus Calendar

    Straightline Public Relations – ADAC Plastics, in the door

    Cover, CD, Cassette or Album: Fairly Painless Advertising – Whirpool Corp., Thinking Outside the Bath

    Poster, Single: Cull Design Group – Vintage Sports Car Drivers Association, VSCDA 2001 Poster

    Direct Marketing

    Business to Business, Single, Flat: Jager Group – Interface Fabrics Group, Good Things. Bad Things.

    B2B, Single, Three Dimensional: Etheridge Co. – izzy Design, izzy CD Book

    B2B, Campaign, Three Dimensional/Mixed: Commercial Printing Co. – Commercial Printing, Bob Neumann Calendar

    Business to Consumer, Campaign, Flat: Crowe Chizek – United Bank & Trust, Image Campaign

    Out of Home

    Mass Transit, Vehicle Exterior: Adams Outdoor Advertising – Kalamazoo Tobacco Reduction Coalition, Drug Dealers

    Trade Publication

    Full Page, Four-Color: Grey Matter Group/Judy Bean – Primerus, A few good lawyers

    Consumer Magazine

    Full Page, Four-Color: Fairly Painless Advertising – Whirpool Corp., Why Should the Clothes Have all the Fun

    Spread, multi-page or insert, Four-Color: Biggs-Gilmore Communications – Sea Ray Boats, Timecard Ad

    Hanon McKendry – Mindpepper LLC, Bargain & Haggle Print campaign

    Campaign, Four-Color: Biggs-Gilmore Communications – Baja Boats, Early Morning Caffeine/Hair Stands on End/Something to be Said


    Fractional Page, Color: Fairly Painless Advertising – Frederik Meijer Gardens, Plant Food

    Straightline Public Relations – Otsego Memorial Hospital, New Arrival

    Interactive Media

    Web Site, Business to Business: divine – Steelcase Inc., Steelcase Public Site

    Felder Communications Group – Felder Communications Group/Haworth Inc., Haworth Just ASK Web site


    Local, Campaign: Straightline Public Relations – The Rapid, ITP, Dumped; Busman; 44th St.

    Regional/National, Single :60: Jager Group – Herman Miller SQA, Mime

    Jager Group – Zonderkidz, Childhood

    Regional/National, Campaign: Jager Group – Zonderkidz, Childhood, Simpler Campaign


    Local, Single :30: Copper – Borgess, Go

    Regional/National, Single, Consumer Outlets, Supermarket/

    Food Store/Convenience Store

    Fairly Painless Advertising – Spartan Stores, Low Rider

    Regional/National, Campaign, Consumer Products:

    Fairly Painless Advertising – Spartan Stores, There’s A Lot to Like

    Regional/National, Campaign, Consumer Outlets: Hanon McKendry – Oak Express, DMV, Elevator, Genetic Splicing TV Campaign

    Industry Self-Promotion

    Agency/Design Studio/

    Freelancers, Graphic Designers, Interactive: Trillion Digital – Deanna Morse, Move, Click, Move

    Ads That Never Saw the Light of Day

    Out-of-Home: Adams Outdoor Advertising – Niles Haunted House, Pee-Pee Pants

    Student Competition

    Best of Show: Kelli Stocks, Kendall College of Art & Design – Publication: Identity System, Flashback

    Judges’ Choice: Katie Trogan, Kendall College of Art & Design – Publication: Annual Report, Body Shop

    James Ilsley, Kendall College of Art & Design – Publication: Book Cover, Liar Face

    Adam Julien, Amanda Plasman, Nickki Zen, Ferris State University – Specialty Advertising: Special Event Material, Children’s Center

    Aaron Sullivan – Out of Home; Campaign, Five Senses

    Addy Awards: Katie Trogan, Kendall College of Art & Design – Collateral Material: Package Design, Truth

    Jessica Sulestio, Kendall College of Art & Design – Collateral material: Stationery Package, Orchard Fine Dining

    Kevin Ingram, GVSU – Illustration, Fire Within Home, Loss

    Jessica Sulestio, Kendall College of Art & Design – Collateral Material: Package Design, Fruit Element

    Krista Krueger, GVSU – Direct Mail: Campaign, Ad Busters

    Krista Krueger, GVSU – Publication: Book Cover, Lord of the Flies

    Amy Rakoski, GVSU – Font Design, Retrolution

    Jennifer Law, GVSU – Publication: Catalog, Quilt Booklet

    Jason Hawkins, GVSU – Font Design, Techline

    Kristin Zimmermann, GVSU – Direct Mail: Campaign, Social Issue Postcards

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