Aquinas Hosts Business Forum

    GRAND RAPIDS — The second United States-Japan Economic, Business and Cultural Forum is set to take place at Aquinas College this morning at 10 a.m. to discuss the business plans prepared by the Japanese group as an effective stimulus package for the troubled Japanese economy.

    Representatives from various business sectors, including food distribution, banking reform, tourism, corporate social responsibility, green building and the Aquinas School of Management, will take part in the discussions.

    The forum, to be held at the Wege Student Center, will be hosted by Masato Yamazaki, assistant professor of economics at Aquinas and will begin with his remarks, followed by a consumer perspective presented by Tsuguo Sakiyama.

    The Japanese representatives will give a progress report before the group breaks for lunch.

    At 1 p.m., table discussion topics will be introduced and discussions on quality of life, business and education will take place to develop discussion reports. Reports will be moderated with a session of questions, answers, comments and suggestions to follow.

    The forum will wrap up with a reception at Willowbrook on the Aquinas campus. For more information visit      

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