Ballard Lands Silver Medal Award

    GRAND RAPIDS — Perry Ballard’s outstanding contributions to advertising were recognized yesterday when he was presented with the 2003 Silver Medal Award from the Ad Club of West Michigan.

    Ballard, executive creative director and CEO of Perry Ballard Inc (PBI), and his staff have been creating marketing communications for numerous international, national and regional businesses for more than a quarter century.

    In 1977 Ballard founded the company after working for more than a decade with national and regional agencies from Chicago to Virginia. Today, PBI employs 28 people and has outgrown three offices.

    In 2001-2002 it achieved its most profitable year ever, growing 17 percent during a time when many other advertising companies faced losses. That growth trend continues in 2003.

    “Perry’s integrity and determination dig deep into tough marketing problems and come back with on-target communication solutions that have built a loyal following among our clients,” said Gary Tipton, president of PBI.

    “That is uncommon in our industry. At PBI we have worked with some clients for over 20 years. They have stayed with us through mergers, leadership changes and pursuing new markets. In this past year, several of our clients saw double-digit growth despite downturns in their markets. They openly credit PBI with contributing to their success.”

    And that reputation has made Perry Ballard Inc. a familiar name in the realm of awards. In the company’s first year of operation, Ballard won a 6th District Addy Award and the company won a 6th District Addy Award.

    “Perry sets a very high standard for his staff,” said Charlotte Burch, vice president and office manager for PBI. “Those that achieve it tend to stay a long time. He takes care of his staff, investing in their careers and education. Everyone gets a say, regardless of title. Everyone shares in his company’s profits. The return on his investment in us shows up on our bottom line.”

    The American Advertising Federation’s Silver Medal Award was established in 1959 to recognize those who actively have raised the industry’s standards and creative excellence and have supported community interests.

    This is the 42nd year that the Ad Club of West Michigan has bestowed the honor upon a member that meets the national organization’s demanding criteria of excellence.           

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