Beekman Selected As City Assessor

    GRAND RAPIDS — Glen Beekman reports for his first day of work this morning as Grand Rapids’ new city assessor.

    City commissioners last Tuesday unanimously approved City Manager Kurt Kimball’s selection of Beekman for the job.

    Beekman, who has served as Holland’s Assessing Administrator for more than 19 years, was one of two finalists in a field of 16 candidates that applied for the position.

    He was one of five applicants who had the required Level IV assessor certification. Only about 140 individuals throughout the state have Level IV certification, according to the city.

    “This is not somebody you can find all that easily and to find someone with Glen’s experience who is willing to take on the state challenges, I think is a rare find,” Mayor John Logie said.

    Second Ward Commissioner Rick Tormala commended Jose Reyna for overseeing the Assessor’s Office during the past few months and for “cleaning up a department that was in disarray and dysfunction.” He recognized Deputy Assessor Scott Engerson for having a hand in the cleanup, as well.

    “We don’t think about assessing except maybe once a year, but it’s critical,” Tormala remarked. “I think this restores some of our credibility with the state.”           

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