Best Med School Money Can Buy


    GRAND RAPIDS — If the city really wants to become home to a full-blown medical school, then the College of Human Medicine at Michigan State University is the most cost-efficient and affordable option.

    Trying to convince a high-profile med school, such as those offered by Mayo, Johns Hopkins, Baylor or Harvard, to open a second campus here would be more expensive and likely impractical. The same goes for starting one from scratch.

    But a study commissioned by the Grand Action Committee and conducted by Deloitte Consulting LLP also concluded that bringing the MSU school here would cost from 46 percent to 62 percent more than the Bowersox study reported last spring.

    The Bowersox report, largely done by those affiliated with the university, said the cost to move the CHM here would be $309 million. In contrast, the Grand Action document places that price tag at $450 million to $500 million.    

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