Business as usual wont work


    The threat of global competition has come home to America as a reality. Worldwide, competition is using our own paradigm for business success against us. And they’re doing it well and cheaper.

    Continuing to compete with the same paradigm is a sure formula for deteriorating success and the economic subjugation of our nation and our people. Our strongest, least-friendly global competition is based in countries where individual life and human rights are of little importance. The citizens of these competitors work at fractions of the wages of the American worker, a standard on which our quality of life depends.

    All this is challenging America’s understanding of the world — and how to do business.

    Continuing to use the same paradigm simply with more force and determined mindsets fulfills the definition of “insanity”: doing the same thing over and over trying to get different results.

    To whomever you credit that definition matters not. Our predicament is the same.

    Simplified, the dominate paradigm by far is this: using intellectual, mental prowess and power to force change — results — in the physical aspect.

    Many modern-day pundits tell organizations and the people in them WHAT they must do, get everybody fired up and then leave — abandoning those of us who must face the day-to-day challenges without the HOW to accomplish it.

    I am fifth generation in an American family of business owners and entrepreneurs, who versed me very well in the traditional methods of business. This business knowledge has also given me a very keen insight into what, in business and other segments of our society today, is working well — and what is not.

    Here are some pointers: Let’s start by comparing simple diagrams of two paradigms, using a form that clearly illustrates internal structural soundness, balance, viable sustainability and the capability of movement: the spoked wheel.

    Here, then, is the diagram of the current, dominate paradigm:

    Obviously, this model doesn’t “roll” well. It is inherently vulnerable on a number of different levels.

    In other words, at best, the intellectual, mental is insufficient. Often, it can be tyrannically insistent on sustaining mistakes (insanity) and painstakingly slow. We can afford neither. The competent within the mental ability must be balanced and augmented with new potential.

    Consider this new paradigm:

    HCD = Highest Common Denominatorwe all share, LIFE)

    This model is holistic and values life, consciously incorporating the entire potential of the human being. This is the essential broadening of the paradigm by a change in perspective. It is the difference between synthetic creativity (current paradigm) and original creativity.

    Wholesale implementation of this “new” paradigm is what birthed America and made her great. It is the mother of innovation. This new paradigm enables employees to bring their best potential with full engagement. Conscious, cooperative engagement, blending unique individual abilities across all levels, is essential to organizational sustainability.

    In business, applications must be practical, consistently repeatable and statistically trackable or they are worthless. Go looking for the solutions. Demand them. And make sure anything you try meets these qualifications. Otherwise, you’ll only be wasting time and money.

    Gayle S. Wisner is president of Conscious Co. Inc.

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