City Bumps Monthly Parking Fees


    GRAND RAPIDS — Parking commissioners agreed last week to raise monthly rates by 3 percent at the 17 city-owned downtown ramps and lots by a 7-2 vote.

    The price of monthly parking will range from a low of $22.75 at DASH West and a portion of DASH South to a high of $132 at the DeVos Place and Pearl Ionia ramps.

    Despite a city regulation that requires Parking Services to increase rates by the amount the Consumer Price Index has risen in a year, Parking Commissioners Robert Sullivan and Daniel Barcheski voted against the hike.

    Sullivan did so because he wanted more information on previous increases. Barcheski felt the current rates were as high as they should go.

    “I’m opposed to any increase,” said Barcheski.

    City commissioners will review the rate increases and can make changes. Any new rates would go into effect on July 1, the first day of the city’s 2006 fiscal year.    

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