City Reacts To U.S. Attack


    GRAND RAPIDS — City Manager Kurt Kimball and crew did an “outstanding job” guiding response activities from the moment the news broke on the terrorist attacks on the World Trade Center and the Pentagon, Mayor John Logie said during a special address at the commission’s afternoon meeting on Tuesday.

    Kimball said city staff worked with police and fire personnel, Kent County emergency officials, representatives of neighboring municipalities and the FBI to take all necessary precautions and organize appropriate response measures in the event of an attack here.

    “Like all cities throughout the country, we are responding appropriately to these terrorist attacks,” Kimball said Tuesday. “We have no knowledge of a direct threat to our community but have established a heightened awareness.”

    The city elected not to evacuate buildings the day of the attack but increased security at all “critical” locations, including federal buildings.

    Kimball said the city would maintain “a posture to respond quickly,” as well as remain alert to possibility of “copycat” actions. Police patrols were directed to be on high alert for any acts of violence.

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