Cooperative Lowers LD Rates

    BOYNE CITY — Great Lakes Energy Cooperative announced last week that it has lowered its long-distance telephone service rate to 6.5 cents per minute from 6.9 cents.

    Though the firm primarily is an energy provider to well over 100,000 residential and commercial services, it also offers long-distance telephone service throughout the western half of the Lower Peninsula in all cities and rural areas.

    According to the firm, which has offices in Grand Haven, South Haven, Wayland, Newaygo and Fremont, any resident or business may register to join the long-distance plan by calling its toll-free number: (877) 981-3000.

    Snari Joles, a spokesperson for the company, said there’s no monthly charge for the service and that enrolling does not prevent a client from using other dial-up long-distance carriers.

    She also stressed that there’s no sign-up charge and no monthly billing minimum.

    Joles said the new call rate is uniform, applying 24-7 to regional and transcontinental calls.

    The firm also announced that it has reduced its calling card rate from 12 cents to 9.5 cents per minute.

    The cooperative this year expanded its dial-up Internet service to southern communities. It has been an Internet service provider in the northwest portion of the Lower Peninsula for about three years.

    In addition to telephone and Internet service, the cooperative offers electricity, propane, and heating and cooling services.

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