Davenport University Begins Construction


    GRAND RAPIDS — Earlier this month Davenport University broke ground for an expansion of its Grand Rapids campus.

    The first phase of the expansion and renovation, which is expected to be completed in fall of 2001, will include the James and Clarine Lanting Welcome Center, a new receiving area for deliveries, new boiler house and an electrical services infrastructure.

    “Traditionally the main entrance was thought to be the entrance off Fulton Street; however, there isn’t any parking there, only a circular drive. With the addition of a more appealing welcome center we will have the entrance on the back, or the north side,” said Cathy Yared, director of public relations. “It will be more welcoming to students and visitors and will be accessible from the parking lot. The north entrance will be the new main entrance.”

    The second phase will be the addition of a conference center, computer classrooms, expansion of the library/technology center and expansion of the current student center.

    Both phases are due to an anticipated increase in students and to better serve the community, Yared said.

    The technological updates, however, are required just to keep the school at the cutting edge of technology.

    The library expansion will create a full-service library tech center. The conference center will be formatted with up-link and down-link capabilities. Total completion for the entire addition and renovation project is expected in 2003.

    The expanded capacity at the Grand Rapids campus has been made possible by the university’s Invest in Success campaign. The campaign’s public portion, which began in May 2000, is designed to raise $15 million for the addition/renovation of the Fulton Street campus, an addition to the Holland campus, a new south campus, to increase student scholarships and build a graduate school endowment.

    Construction on the Holland campus began last winter and the university is still looking for land to begin construction on the south campus. To date, the Invest in Success campaign has raised $13.3 million toward the goal.

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