DDA Going Virtual


    GRAND RAPIDS — The Downtown Development Authority entered into an agreement last week with Rapid Growth Media to develop an electronic database of projects being built in its district. The public will be able to access the information once it is available.

    Board members agreed to spend $38,000 to get the initiative started and $12,000 a year to have the database hosted and updated on a monthly basis.

    “It will be publicly posted on the Web. A lot of people will use it,” said DDA Executive Director Jay Fowler, who added that the board didn’t bid the contract. DDA Chairwoman Kayem Dunn abstained from the vote because she revealed she is a “consultant” to Rapid Growth, which also provides services to the City of Grand Rapids Web site.

    The DDA has published lists of ongoing projects in the past. But Fowler said doing so was always a time-intensive effort, and a list would need to be updated almost as soon as it was published with all the construction going on downtown.

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