Déjà Vu For DASH 8


    GRAND RAPIDS — The Downtown Development Authority awarded TerHorst and Rinzema Construction Co. the contract to build the DASH 8 parking lot last week. The lot will be built on Winter Avenue NW, just south of Bridge Street.

    The work will also include renovation to a small building that the Downtown Alliance will use and the creation of an access drive behind the Bridge Street Fire Station. The total cost of the project can’t exceed $982,000, and the contract with TerHorst and Rinzema is worth almost $785,000.

    DASH 8 will actually become the 10th lot the city has built for the downtown system. But because the original DASH 8 lot was sold to the YMCA for its new building and because public parking isn’t available there, the old name is being used for the new lot. And there is another reason for naming the 10th lot DASH 8:

    “We also have a sign that says, ‘DASH 8 Parking,’” said DDA Executive Director Jay Fowler.

    The shuttle-service lot is expected to be open by September.    

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