DeVos Place May Have An ID

    GRAND RAPIDS — After a year of design and testing, DeVos Place is closer to having its identity spelled out.

    The Operations Committee of the Convention and Arena Authority recommended a logo for the new convention center last week, described by its designers as highly functional and technologically savvy.

    Earlier, a seven-member logo steering committee also approved the logo.

    The CAA will see the recommended design at Wednesday’s board meeting.

    The subtle orange, black and gray logo was designed by local advertising agency Hanon McKendry Inc.

    “We tried to define the essence that DeVos Place will display,” said Bill Danhof, a managing partner at Hanon McKendry.

    Hanon McKendry tested six different logos with 10 meeting planners and three emerged as being the best. Those were presented to the steering committee, which also reviewed the comments from the meeting planners.

    The committee found that the chosen logo tested well with planners, reproduced well, worked well with the building’s design and with the Convention and Visitor’s Bureau’s “Michigan’s West Coast” materials.

    Lynne Ike and Rich MacKeigan of SMG, Steve Wilson of the CVB, Jon Nunn of Grand Action, Rob Brondyke of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel, Tim Wondergem of Wondergem Consulting and Sue Waddell of the CAA served on the steering committee.

    Wondergem said Nunn told him the Richard DeVos family also liked the selected logo. The DeVoses were the biggest private contributors to the project. The building was named in their honor for their $15 million gift.

    The budget to build DeVos Place was lowered by more than $3 million last week. Instead of costing $219.5 million to construct the building, it now appears it will cost $216.4 million.

    “The authority will not be faced with a shortage of funds,” said Dale Sommers, project manager for the CAA.

    The gallery space in DeVos Place is set to open by Dec. 3 for a woodworkers convention.           

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