Dozens Appear At Outlet Opening

    GRAND RAPIDS — A popular comment from the Victorian era went: “Sir, your reputation precedes you.”

    Well, if area doughnut lovers didn’t utter exactly those words, they certainly showed the sentiment by their actions in forming long lines at the opening of the Krispy Kreme franchise here.

    Joe Nachtrab — president of Dough-Re-Mi LLC, the Michigan area developer who owns and operates the outlet — said the company has done very well in Detroit and expects the same to happen here.

    Dough-Re-Me certainly ballyhooed the event, earlier in the year sending boxes of fresh doughnuts to many area businesses, and then following up with another promotional gift to the same firms after the Sept. 18 opening.

    Moreover, the first dozen customers at opening received a free year’s supplies of doughnuts.

    Nachtrab situated the store on the northeast corner of what is probably is the busiest intersection in town, 28th Street at the East Beltline.

    Promotion, too, is part of the outlet’s architecture. Its work spaces are in plain view so that the public can watch production. And no matter how intense the gasoline exhaust and diesel fumes above the adjoining traffic arteries, it’s impossible for drivers and passengers to miss the fragrance of doughnut production.

    The outlet offers 15 varities of doughnuts in addition to its signature proprietary recipe which now is 65 years old.

    The firm also now sells coffees, espresso-style drinks and frozen beverages.

    The first Michigan outlet opened in Detroit four years ago. Krispy Kreme was founded in 1937 in Winston-Salem, N.C.                            

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