Edsel Ford Explains The Here After

    GRAND RAPIDS — As the guest speaker at the Salvation Army’s 2003 Annual Civic Meeting and Luncheon, most people thought Edsel Ford would speak about the family business.

    Instead he spoke about the “here after.”

    It was when he explained what he was “here after” that the true spirit of the day came through. Ford wanted to emphasize the importance of giving — both of time and money — to a cause in which people believe.

    Ford, the great grandson of Henry Ford, has been a member of the Salvation Army’s National Advisory Board for several years and this year holds the position of chairman.

    With the number of volunteers at an all-time low, Ford tried to rally the troops, explaining what all the attendees should be “here after.”

    “Participation is about giving back, and we are all participating by being here today,” said Ford. “It could be because we are feeling a little guilty about having all that we do when there are others who have so little, but in the end we are all here to do good.”

    He added that nearly one in three people give time to volunteering and that people must learn to give out without being taken in.

    “In the end you choose who to give too,” said Ford. “And like a good friend said to me: ‘Remember, professionals built the Titanic, but volunteers built Noah’s ark.’”  

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