Extra City Services For Parkers

    GRAND RAPIDS — Parking Services is starting a new pilot program in a few weeks that will give its customers in the Ottawa Fulton ramp a chance to get their cars serviced while they’re at work.

    “This is a pilot program at one of our facilities with a single group of vendors,” said Mayor John Logie, who sits on the Parking Commission.

    Parking Services Acting Director Pam Ritsema said five spaces in the ramp will be set aside each day for customers who want their car washed, detailed or the oil changed.

    Ritsema added that customers in the Ottawa Fulton ramp would be given a list of auto-service businesses that are participating in the program to choose from and information on how the program works. Flyers explaining the program are also expected to be posted near the ramp’s exits.

    And Parking Services is not charging anything extra to customers who use the service.

    “It’s to make our service more attractive,” said Jack Hoffman, chairman of the Parking Commission.

    The auto-service firms will pick cars up at the ramp, do the work, and then bring the cars back. The vendors who service the cars will have to buy a parking pass from the city to take part in the program.

    “They’re just paying for a vendor card to drive into the ramp,” said Betsy Westman, a parking commissioner.

    The pilot program should start in mid-July. If the trial run is successful, the program could be expanded to include other services, such as dry cleaning, and be done at other city-owned parking ramps.

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