Finalists For Newsmaker Of Year

    GRAND RAPIDS — The Grand Rapids Business Journal will confer its Newmaker of the Year award at noon today during the Economic Club luncheon.

    The nominees for the award are:

    • Alticor, for its move into nutritional genomics
    • The opening of the Cook DeVos Center for Health Sciences, remaking regional health education
    • The Right Place Inc., for its Manufacturers Council white paper
    • Riviera Tool Co., for showing how to compete successfully on a sharply sloping playing field
    • The completion, grand opening and first convention at DeVos Place
    • Richard Whitmer, CEO of Michigan Blue Cross-Blue Shield, for winning small business health insurance legislative reform
    • Jack Buchanan and his Gallium Group LLC, for undying persistence in their Calder Plaza hotel proposal
    • Keith Brophy, of Sagestone Consulting, and Robertson Research Institute of Saginaw, for delivering the promise of top-flight medical care for all humanity
    • Spectrum Health’s CEO Rick Breon for bringing attention to Medicaid under-funding and its private sector consequence
    • Congressman Peter Hoekstra, R-Holland, for a legislative victory that should open federal procurement to the private sector.

    The luncheon is in the Ambassador Ballroom at the Amway Grand Plaza.

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