Finding what’s new at Nucraft Furniture Co.


    Nucraft Furniture Co. will introduce five new products at NeoCon: Arena, Ativa, Fleet, Talis and the Mobile Monitor Stand.

    “It really runs the range of conferencing products, informal conferencing products, training applications, a gorgeous new occasional table — so we’re really touching a lot of our product categories,” said Matt Schad, director of marketing and business development for Nucraft.

    For example, Arena focuses on creating an informal, collaborative meeting space. The curved, circular seating has high backs that convey a sense of privacy. The idea for Arena came from the mind of designer Mark Goetz, who has worked with Nucraft for several years.

    “This past summer, Mark came to us with a concept for an informal meeting space,” he said. “It was really Mark working with us for several years and understanding us as a company. It just really clicked when we saw it.” 

    Both Ativa and Fleet were designed by Grand Rapids-based designer Joey Ruiter. Ativa is a conference table that conceals the power and data supply.

    “Through the design brainstorming process that we go through with designers, Joey came to us with a design that fully cantilevered the tops off of those bases,” he said. “(He) gave the product a very clean look, but also eliminated the need for panel bases or any base that might interfere with the seating with the product.”

    Fleet, a training table, was created from research conducted by Nucraft.

    “We polled a lot of folks in the design community, asking them the kind of range of features they were interested in seeing in a training table product,” he said. “What we’re accomplishing with Fleet is offering a very broad product offering. It’s something that can go into an educational setting with the more basic options, or get scaled up and go to higher-end settings.”

    For Talis, Nucraft teamed up with Joseph Jeup, founder and CEO of Jeup Furniture, a local high-end residential furniture manufacturer. Talis is a family of occasional tables that can work independently of each other.

    “We’ve worked with Joe in the past on manufacturing projects, and our companies are very much in sync in terms of the way we approach design and incorporate it into our products,” he said.

    “The fun thing that Joe has brought to this is the materials that are used. We’re using some different veneers and finishes and also metals and metal finishes. As somebody who focuses more on the residential end, Joe tends to take into account materials more often than other designers might.”

    The final new product Nucraft will display at NeoCon is the Mobile Monitor Stand, which helps conceal the mess created by the wires and accessories of a computer. The mobile part of the name comes from the stand’s ability to easily be moved across a desk.

    “It solves the issue of those large monitors that block people’s view whenever they’re meeting with someone in their office,” he said. “You can just move it out of the way and share information.”

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