Firm Has New Security Service

    GRAND RAPIDS — The recent terrorist attacks have led a number of local businesses to reassess their security measures. Any company looking for some help with internal security might want to consider HonorLine, a relatively new offering from DuHadway, Kendall & Associates Inc.

    According to John Kendall, a former U.S. Marshal and business partner with former FBI Agent in Charge Robert DuHadway, HonorLine is a “hot line” service that allows employees, vendors and customers to confidentially report possible internal problems to company management — often before any negative events occur.

    Kendall compared the service to a 24-hour corporate version of Silent Observer.

    “The idea here is to uncover potential workplace violence, along with sexual and racial harassment issues, theft and other ongoing corporate problems,” said Kendall.

    HonorLine promises clients enough marketing materials so that a company can easily promote the service within the corporate family, and maintains that it is staffed by highly skilled operators and investigators. Kendall said all calls to HonorLine remain anonymous and are followed up in a timely manner.

    Kendall added that HonorLine is affiliated with a network of investigators across North America, so investigations can take place anywhere in the U.S. and Canada.

    “With the events of a few weeks ago, all you heard about was how the intelligence system failed us. We believe that one of the best intelligence systems is the people, the company, the schools and government agencies who may know what is going on. Not just terrorist threats, but something simple, such as local theft,” said Kendall.

    DuHadway Kendall has recently introduced the service in West Michigan, becoming the only Michigan-based security firm to offer it. HonorLine is priced so both small and large companies can use it. Kendall said, on average, the service costs $1 per employee, per year. The minimum length of a contract is one year, and HonorLine pledges to defend and indemnify all clients against any claims that may arise if DuHadway Kendall violates a third person’s rights during an investigation.

    DuHadway and Kendall formed their security firm here in 1994. Today the company has 250 employees, and recently opened a second office in Toledo. In addition to providing security services, the company also does investigations, background checks, surveillance work, personal protection and litigation support. The company provides security for Van Andel Arena and about 40 corporate clients.

    “We feel it’s real important to reach out to the corporate communities to give them an opportunity to share with their employees an opportunity to call anonymously to an independent third party with any information that could pose a threat to their company,” said Kendall.

    For more information on HonorLine, Call DuHadway Kendall at (616) 456-0123 or (800) 535-0646. 

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