First Handsfree Deep Cleaner

    GRAND RAPIDS — Bissell Homecare Inc. will introduce what it refers to as the world’s first hands-free compact deep cleaner to the retail market in September.  

    The company’s new SpotBot deep cleaner requires minimal “hands on” effort because users need only set the cleaner on top of a spot or stain on the carpet, select a preprogrammed cleaning cycle and SpotBot goes to work without need for human intervention or supervision to get the job done.

    SpotBot will retail for $129.99 and will be rolled out to retailers nationwide Sept. 12, said Jim Krzeminski, executive vice president of Bissell product development, sales and marketing.

    Krzeminski referred to SpotBot as “a dream come true for time-starved multi-taskers seeking to remove spots without the hassle of having to baby-sit the process.”

    According to Bissell, SpotBot has a “revolutionary” spiral brushing and spray system that works with Bissell cleaning formulas to safely and permanently remove stains such as red wine, cola, fruit juice and coffee.

    SpotBot weighs slightly over 14 pounds and is 18 by 8 inches wide and 15 inches high,   Krzeminski said. It cleans an area 6-inches in diameter at a time. If the stain covers a wider area, the user need only reposition SpotBot and start it up again, he said.

    The compact unit has two pre-programmed cycles, one for surface stains and another for stubborn set-in stains. Both cycles automatically measure and disperse the appropriate amount of water and cleaning fluid and the needed amount of suction power for the particular job, and then the unit beeps to signal the task is finished.  

    SpotBot resembles the Bissell’s Little Green Machine compact deep cleaner in both size and design, and like Little Green comes with a hose and special tool attachment for cleaning stairs, automobiles and upholstery.

    Bissell is an international manufacture of floor care and home cleaning products, including sweepers, vacuums, deep cleaning machines and cleaning formulas for retail sale.

    The 129-year-old company is the seventh oldest privately held U.S. manufacturing company and is in its fourth generation of family leadership.    

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