GRAM Bills Sent To State House

    LANSING — A legislative package that would save an estimated $2 million in construction costs for the new Grand Rapids Art Museum has moved to the State House of Representatives.

    House Bills 5810-12 and 6068 would amend the General Sales Tax Act, Income Tax Act, Single Business Tax Act and the Use Tax Act, respectively.

    The measures would provide tax credits and exempt museum construction materials from the state’s sales and use taxes.

    “By passing these bills we will be lowering the cost for construction of the new Grand Rapids Art Museum, as well as other arts museums throughout the state,” said Rep. Jerry Kooiman, R-Grand Rapids, who sponsored the bills.

    Kooiman said the tax credits would have a revenue impact of less than $3 million statewide and act as an incentive for individuals and companies to contribute to arts and cultural causes.

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