Granholm Wants Cool GR

    GRAND RAPIDS — Grand Rapids is going to have to start wearing shades.

    Gov. Jennifer Granholm has launched a “Cool Cities” initiative aimed at keeping and attracting young, educated and skilled workers to Michigan.

    “This is about creating hot jobs through Cool Cities,” said Granholm.

    Statistics show that Michigan loses high numbers of young people ages 24-35 each year and Granholm is setting out to change that with this initiative.

    The goals of the initiative are two-fold: first, to bring discussions about supporting and investing in cities to a statewide level and, second, to find out what state tools and resources local citizens think would be most effective in improving their communities.

    The City of Grand Rapids “Cool Cities” Advisory Group will be asked to explore ways to encourage people, especially young people, to be more interested in living, working and shopping in the city. The group is asking for input on what it can do to keep these types of people in the area and attract their peers as well.

    The questions include: What is already cool about Grand Rapids? What does a cool city look like? What can our community do to attract jobs and young professionals to Grand Rapids? How can the state best help us be cool? What age group are you, 12-23, 24-35, or 36 and above? And do you live in the city of Grand Rapids or work in the City of Grand Rapids?

    Ideas to make Grand Rapids a cool city should be e-mailed to Questions are also posted on the Web site at


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