GRBJ Legal Quarterly Coming Soon


    GRAND RAPIDS — Gemini Publications, parent company of Grand Rapids Business Journal, will soon introduce LegalQuarterly, offering an in-depth look at the legal profession four times each year.

    “LegalQuarterly is intended to help the business community keep abreast of new laws, significant changes in the law, and certainly the way intellectual property law and technology law are affecting their businesses,” said Gemini Publications Editor Carole Valade. “We think it will be especially helpful to small businesses that don’t have attorneys on retainer for various issues.”

    Valade said the quarterly publication will allow the BusinessJournal staff an opportunity to explore stories in a more developed fashion than the timeline of the weekly publication allows. The quarterly digest will feature information on new attorneys and firms in the area, as well as insight from judges and other leaders in the legal community.

    The publication, which debuts in September, is one of two new products from Gemini. In October, subscribers will receive the first issue of HealthQuarterly, which will focus on the business of the health-care industry. With the staggered delivery of the new health and legal publications, as well as CommercialQuarterly, subscribers to the BusinessJournal will receive a specialized publication each month, in addition to the weekly news product and the daily updates offered at


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