Grooters Is Building Everywhere

    GRAND RAPIDS — Robert Grooters Development Co. is adding about two million square feet of space to the West Michigan industrial market this year.

    The company has started construction of an industrial facility at 52nd Street and Kraft Avenue that will total 165,000 square feet when fully built out.

    It will be the first of three buildings on the campus, which will collectively add 550,000 square feet to the local market.

    Grooters is constructing the building in segments, beginning with 41,000 square feet for Erwin Quarter, a plastics injection molding company out of Germany, said broker Pete Colvin.

    “When we have the next section leased, we’ll build it. We’re just about to get another tenant to take another section, so we should have it all up by Nov. 1,” he said.

    Grooters owns two million square feet of industrial space in the airport area that is 100 percent leased, Colvin noted.

    At 84th Street and U.S. 131, the company has just completed a 200,000-square-foot building on 20 acres.

    Supply Chain Solutions, a logistics company, is leasing 125,000 square feet and the remaining 75,000 square feet are available.

    Colvin said the building has the capacity to be expanded by another 130,000 square feet in the future.

    At 3056 Walker Ridge — located on the north side of I-96 in Walker’s growing industrial complex —  Grooters has finished constructing the first phase of what will be a 330,000-square-foot facility on a 20-acre lot.

    The first phase involved construction of 200,000 square feet.

    Three companies are leasing and either have moved in or are in the process of taking over about half that space, so approximately 100,000 square feet ar still available.

    And about 40 miles to the northeast in downtown Muskegon, Grooters also is working on a 300,000-square-foot development in Seaway Industrial Park that involves two buildings on 15 acres.

    That development is still going through the approval process and is located in one of the community’s downtown Renaissance zones. 

    The company also plans to build an additional 200,000 square feet onto its 3-year-old Union Station development on U.S. 131 in Grand Rapids, where about 135,000 square feet ARE currently available.

    Colvin said Grooters succeeded in getting a Renaissance Zone expansion that will include the new square footage.

    “We really have the only new Renaissance space around,” Colvin pointed out.

    At the end of next year, the company also reports it also will break ground on an industrial park on 250 acres at I-96 in Lowell that will boast two million square feet across eight buildings.

    Colvin said the location is ideal for people traveling between Grand Rapids and Detroit.

    He said three companies have already signed up to lease space when the facility opens in 2005.

    “We are doing deals there for people that have maybe two or three years on their lease or know that they are going to be building. It’s kind of an advance planning area because it’s so big. 

    “We can build our buildings or we can build buildings for them there, too, so it will be a mixture of our buildings, plus companies can have some custom design and custom elevations.”

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