Grooters Offering Suite Stuff


    GRAND RAPIDS — The Robert Grooters Development Co. is getting ready to debut a new office facility that has been purposely designed to suit smaller firms and possibly some bigger companies that need a little extra space.

    The grand opening date for the stylish Aerotech Office Suites is set for March 5 and leasing rates will start as low as $250 per month. The price includes utilities, parking and a lengthy list of amenities — even a receptionist who will be available to help all the tenants.

    “We have put together a program that can offer all the amenities that a large corporation, such as Steelcase and Haworth, can give to their employees, to the individual who only needs one office, or a company that needs 2,000 square feet versus one that needs 60,000 square feet,” said Jason Allard, leasing director for RGDC.

    “Tenants won’t have all the overhead that they would have in other situations. I really think the receptionist is going to be the biggest asset because that is an employee they won’t have to hire on their own. That’s a huge expense. To get someone who is qualified, you’re going to have to pay $30,000 or more, potentially,” he added.

    Allard said the building’s lobby will feature a “Starbuck’s atmosphere” and have large plasma TVs placed throughout the reception area. Color copiers and fax machines will be located near the receptionist’s station.

    Adjacent to the lobby will be a modern conference room that all the tenants can use, and near the conference room will be a fitness area for, again, all the tenants.

    “We’re bringing in a state-of-the-art PACE exercise system that includes treadmills, ellipticals and various other exercise equipment, and I think that is going to be a real big draw,” said Allard.

    The Aerotech Office Suites will also offer tenants a wireless café.

    “An individual — say, a Realtor — who just wants a 10-by-11 office is going to be able to draw from all those resources and connect with other tenants. I feel we’re really going to draw a lot of various business profiles that will help everybody network,” said Allard.

    The office suites are located in the Aerotech Industrial Park that RGDC owns. The park is near the intersection of 44th Street and Patterson Avenue SE, not far from the Gerald R. Ford International Airport. Rent starts at $250 a month for the 10-by-11 office Allard mentioned.

    RGDC has 46,000 square feet available for lease in the Areotech building and about 7,000 square feet has already been leased. The national training division of Foremost Insurance Co. will move into its 4,000-square-foot suite on March 2.

    “This new concept fits the Foremost Independent Agent Operations Division perfectly. It offers great support to our people and is very entrepreneurial. The Grooters team was a huge help and we have committed to a long-term partnership with them at the Aerotech Office Suites,” said Mark Cusack, Foremost Zone executive director.

    Gennematech, a company that markets nutritional products on the Internet, will lease 3,000 square feet.

    “We have several more independent businesses coming, some very entrepreneurial businesses,” said Pete Colvin, a member of the RGDC development team who runs the custom build-to-suit division. “These are great suites and the price is really good.”

    The building is ready for the grand opening. RGDC is busy putting the final touches on the common areas, which will include furniture made by Herman Miller Inc.

    “This is also a relief office area for companies that are maxed out at their headquarters to bring divisions over,” said Colvin, “and that is what we think is going to happen.”    

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