Holland BPW responds to Sierra Club suit this week


    This Thursday the Holland BPW will respond to a suit filed against it in the U.S. District Court in Grand Rapids by the Sierra Club in December.

    The Sierra Club, an environmental organization based in San Francisco, alleges that the James De Young coal-fired power plant is in violation of the federal Clean Air Act. The Sierra Club is opposed to expansion of the De Young plant generating capacity, and alleges in its lawsuit that the plant was modified many times over the years without installing government mandated controls to limit emissions of pollutants into the air.

    A spokesperson for the Michigan Department of Environmental Quality has said the DEQ is not aware of any Clean Air Act violations by the De Young plant.

    The BPW issued a statement calling the Sierra Club’s action “a frivolous lawsuit” that is “utterly without merit.”

    “The alleged ‘unlawful modifications’ in the Sierra Club complaint were in fact normal repair and maintenance work that did not increase any emissions of air pollutants. The Sierra Club has brought suit against the community for repairing broken or worn equipment at the power plant,” states the document released by the BPW.

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