Horizons Makes Key Name Change


    GRAND RAPIDS — Horizons of Michigan has officially changed its name to Hope Network Behavioral Health Services (HNBHS). The name change is the final stage of the merger between Hope Network and Horizons of Michigan.

    “This is more than a simple name change. This is an indication of where we’re going in the future. Currently, we primarily provide intensive residential services for people with mental illness,” said Al Jansen, executive director of HNBHS.

    “While we offer some case management, outpatient therapy and substance abuse treatment, we believe we can expand those services to people in the public sector throughout the state. The name change is our way of saying that in the next few years, we intend to develop a complete spectrum of services for Michigan.”

    In addition, HNBHS feels the change will clarify its role as the behavioral health division of Hope Network to its clients and the public.

    HNBHS is utilized by numerous community mental health agencies throughout Michigan. Kalamazoo, Muskegon, Ionia, Ottawa and Kent counties all have individuals living in Hope Network facilities who might otherwise be in a state hospital. As the program expands to offer services statewide, there will be more opportunities for people to receive services closer to home.

    “Our projected expansion is a wise use of public dollars. If we can bring the complete array of behavioral health service into one system, we can minimize administrative costs,” said Jansen.

    Many people who will use HNBHS have no private insurance and have used up many of their resources. Serving this population is concurrent with the HNBHS mission to be recognized as the premier provider of behavioral health services to people in the public sector and those with disadvantages.

    For several decades and under various names the organization has served people with mental health issues, said Derric Baker, vice president of corporate communications and advancement. This latest step underscores the continued dedication to providing those necessary services now and into the future.

    “As Hope Network continues to grow, expand and become more complex, we believe it becomes increasingly important that people understand who we are and what we do,” said Baker. “It is our hope that our new name will help do that.”  

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