It’s more than just a job



    In this economy, we all know about Michigan’s Unemployment Insurance Agency and how the unemployment benefits it issues helps put food on the table and provide other life necessities. We also know that these are extraordinarily busy times for UIA. Yet during these times, the men and women of the UIA have shown themselves to be among the most dedicated, committed and compassionate people with whom I’ve had the privilege of working.

    UIA staff frequently hears the difficult life stories of Michigan’s sons and daughters and how they are struggling. Many of us have internalized these struggles and committed ourselves to helping others.

    During this holiday season, women and men throughout the UIA have sponsored fundraisers, as well as drives to collect food and clothing that aid the same people we help through our jobs each and every day. All told, the women and men of the UIA have donated thousands of dollars, adopted families and donated food and clothing for those in need.

    Take solace in the fact that the men and women of the UIA are not “bureaucrats”; they, too, are Michigan’s sons and daughters working diligently, both on and off the job, to provide some economic security during these insecure times.

    Stephen M. Geskey
    Director of UIA, DELEG

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