Kendall Offers Auto Interior Design


    GRAND RAPIDS — Kendall College of Art and Design yesterday officially announced it is developing a course in automotive interior design for this autumn.

    The college said the introductory course will be part of its industrial design curriculum.

    To develop the course, Kendall retained Ben Delphia, a 35-year veteran in the auto industry who worked primarily with DaimlerChrysler and later operated his own studio.

    Though officially retired, Delphia works as an independent consultant to Kendall and various suppliers.

    According to Kendall’s president, Oliver Evans, Delphia will bring various presenters from the auto industry to the classroom and will make his own presentations while consulting with faculty and staff regarding the direction for this new course of study.

    Evans said Kendall is gratified with Delphia’s guidance in developing the new program.

    “It is not often that an entirely new course of study can be introduced with the benefit of a close association with an expert in the field. We look forward to a long, happy, productive relationship with Ben.”

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